TABX Web Solutions, an SEO & web design specialist, is proud to announce that we have acquired the domain. was a website that covered a wide range of different subjects including SEO, Web Design, and a range of different web technologies.

They explored trends in Web Design & were at the forefront of WordPress site design. With experience in Thrive, Generate Press and Astra, had extensive knowledge of WordPress technologies. TABX are continuing their fantastic work by continually researching new trends within WordPress site design & we will keep you updated on everything we find.

TABX are experts in a wide range of web technologies. We can provide you with a fantastic new, shiny, site whilst at the same time ensuring that your Google rankings are only impacted in a positive way!

Already have a great site and just want to move higher up Google web rankings? We can absolutely help with this & can create a customised strategy for your site.

TABX is incredibly proud to be growing our brand through the acquisition of the Serenity Website Design site. We will continue our work in exploring the latest trends in SEO and sharing as many techniques, tips and tricks as we can with our readers. We can help you boost your online presence, either through you reading our blog posts and trying them out for yourself, or by letting us help you directly.

If you would like to explore our insights in more detail then please click here to go through to our blog – this is packed full of information regarding how to rank your website higher in Google, the best web design tips on the web and the cutting edge SEO trends.

TABX is excited to have acquired the domain and will work relentlessly to ensure that we carry on publishing the same high quality content that did.


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    SEO Web Booster are at the cutting edge of SEO. We are constantly experimenting and learning with our own sites so that we can apply the best practices to your sites. With over 20 years of SEO experience, we can help drive your site up the rankings.