What Exactly Is Pay-On-Performance SEO? Here’s A Guide!

Most entrepreneurs and business owners know of stories, where clients have been cheated by SEO companies. Many SEO firms will promise big things about rankings and traffic, only to come up with less-than-satisfactory results. Pay on Performance SEO is exactly what the name suggests – You pay an SEO company, only if you get expected results. This is also called performance-based SEO. Here is a quick overview of Pay-for-Performance SEO.

Understanding Search Engine Optimization

It is important for clients, especially website owners, to realize that Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a process. It is not a magic trick that can work overnight. SEO requires time, effort and continuous planning, so that a website ranks on search results for specific keywords and searches. Business owners end up believing SEO companies that promise incredible things, often without strategy. If an SEO expert says – “top spot on Google in a month” – you definitely know they are lying.

Customized SEO – based on performance

With pay-on-performance SEO, the focus is on the website. The client will only pay if the website performs, and that can completely change how online advertising campaigns are managed. Performance SEO strategy ensures that clients get value for the money spent, and it also talks volumes about expertise and experience of the SEO company. Only selected SEO services offer such assurance. Performance-based SEO is a customized process, where a website is evaluated, updated and promoted as per SEO guidelines, and only white-hat SEO techniques are used. Companies will still rely on standard on-page & off-page SEO strategies, but it will be tailored for the website.

Finding the right SEO Company

If you want to reap the advantages of pay-on-performance SEO, the first obvious step is to find a company that specializes in marketing and offers that option. We strongly recommend that you work with a local company, so that you can capture the local and national market, before spending further on paid marketing. In general, pay-on-performance SEO costs a tad more, but that extra is worth paying for, given that results are assured. Most SEO companies have a monthly charge based on work involved, because SEO marketing can take time, at least three months or more, to show real, sustainable results. Hire a company based on expertise rather than price alone.

Invest in pay-on-performance SEO, because it can take your website to the next level of branding, and that too, in an assured way.